Off-Grid Survival Preppers blogger Ralph Huntington
Off-Grid Survival Preppers blogger Ralph Huntington

Hello, my name is Ralph Huntington. I’m a former IT consultant and data analyst who has made the shift to blogging and Internet marketing. In my former capacity, my reach extended only to the few companies I could directly serve, and they were just corporations, artificial entities with no souls and little if any moral conscience, only the unquenchable quest for ever-growing profits. Besides, there was no societal reach to my efforts. Nothing I did improved life on Earth for everyday people. I wanted something with more reach, something socially worthwhile that would give me the opportunity to help regular people improve their lives. I saw blogging as a path to both fulfill my desire to serve society and at the same time earn an honest living.

Off-Grid Survival Preppers is my first such venture. I chose this particular niche because I see the uncertainty in the global and domestic political situation, the fragility of the infrastructure neglected by decades of poor governance, the growing sense among the general populace that ordinary life could soon radically change, and the realization that very few people are the least bit prepared to really take care of themselves absent the usual supports such as gas stations, grocery stores, the power grid, and myriad other features of modern society that so many of us, including me, have taken for granted.

It was not so very long ago that people knew how to grow food, build shelter, make clothes, make fire, keep warm, and do all the little things that made life livable. They knew how to survive. There was no grid, there were no gas stations, no supermarkets, but humanity survived. The purpose of this blog and website is to help people to relearn these skills and become proficient enough with them to survive – and thrive – without modern conveniences, if they have to, or if they choose it just because they can, as so many are doing every day.

This is not about paranoia! I’m not going to bombard you with doomsday warnings. I don’t believe in fear, but I do believe in being prepared for whatever may come. So this is all about being prepared – prepared to live and thrive in any urban or rural setting, even in the wilderness, without supermarkets or the power grid. Come along and we will learn and share together! Many people already know these things, but most do not. Most people in modern society have never produced their own food or made their own clothes. Stick around, it’ll be fun and educational!