• 16 One Pot Camping Meals

    Easy to cook and easy to clean, these one pot camping meals and recipes are perfect for your next weekend in the woods. Source: http://www.freshoffthegrid.com/one-pot-camping-meals/ more


  • How to Tell If a Wild Plant is Edible

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  • Why Aquaponics?

    Why Not Hydroponics? It’s all about sustainability off the grid. While sharing many similarities, Aquaponics is 100% organic and can be completely self-sustaining, unlike hydroponics, which depends on added nutrients. Let’s look at the basic differences. … more


  • Solar-Powered Aquaponic Greenhouses

    Fresh produce – ideally grown locally right in your backyard – is essential to a healthy diet, but with scores of people either lacking the space, time, or knowledge to cultivate their own food, for many that ideal simply isn’t… more


  • Your Food Supply

    Off-grid survival implies all the conditions that come from having no power grid, including the unavailability of supermarkets and convenience stores, which are the primary sources of most people's food supplies, especially for urban dwellers. Farmer’s markets are great, but… more